Registration Now Open for Spring Semester of Automotive Internet Program

First Class Educators has announced that registration is now open for the fall semester of the Automotive Internet Program (AIP). The online training program for dealer employees and students begins October 17th, 2012 and offers a certificate in Digital Marketing Strategies.

automotive internet program

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The Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate is the most popular of the AIP. Participants will dive into the core of digital marketing fundamentals in the 10-week program with intensive SEO, social media marketing, and automotive content development training.

The AIP is an ideal solution for training in-house dealer employees and interns who are looking to carve out their niche of expertise in digital marketing strategies. From content marketing to pay per click advertising, the AIP explains, demonstrates and proves how these strategies can be created and executed to see real results.

Students and dealer employees that have participated in the previous semesters of the AIP have shared their experience using words that include ‘exciting’, ‘powerful’, ‘results’, and ‘profitability’.

Automotive Internet Program Testimonials

Below are testimonials from AIP participants:

“The AIP taught me how many different internet outlets there are that can affect how potential customers view your business before they even walk in the door or make a phone call. These outlets must be optimized for your dealership on an ongoing basis in order to maintain the reputation you want to keep online. The program not only taught me the importance of online marketing, but also how to use different outlets in an effective way.” – Sydney Garrett, Marketing Support Specialist at the John Eagle Auto Group

“The AIP program was great! Although we already had a lot of assets created including social networks, the AIP program helped us learn how to make the most of our social networking sites along with learning new ways to interact and connect to our geo-targeted customers. I would recommend using the AIP Program.” – Emily N. Taylor, Online Communications Director at MN Dealers

The AIP shows participants how to harness the power of digital marketing strategies and implement proven ideas and techniques that can yield results immediately. The AIP puts the knowledge and power of the Internet back in the dealership’s grasp.

Registration for the fall semester is now open.